Sunday, July 31, 2011

Addon Review - Auctionator

This blog entry is dedicated to Making Gold and understanding the Auctionator Addon.

There are several key functions in Auctionator, and I will list them below:

Buy - In the Buy window, there are several key features:

  • The Search Window. This works as the standard Blizzard search window but will sort listings by the cheapest per item in the lot, not the cheapest listing period. 
  • Shopping Lists. Shopping lists can be created to manage large amounts of items that you want sorted into specific categories. You can create a Shopping List by clicking the "New Shopping List" button. After naming the List via a prompt, you can now search for items or add them manually. Once you have a list you are satisfied with, the door is opened for several more uses within the addon.
    • Search for All Items. You can use this function and it will query the Auction House and give you the cheapest listing for any item that has any word in it's title which you have in your Shopping List.
    • Manage Shopping Lists. This prompts the player to a menu where they can add or subtract items from their Shopping List.
    • Remove Item. If an item is on your Shopping List and you no longer want it on there, simply click the item you do not want on your list and click the Remove Item button.

Sell - In the Sell window, there are several key features:

  • Whenever listing an item, it will automatically search for the cheapest listing and undercut that listing.
  • 1-click re-adjusting which price you're undercutting. Want to undercut that stack of 2g30s rather than the cheapest which is 1g95s? Go for it - just click on the listing that's 2g30s and hit list!
  • 1-click cancelling. While it is also in the "More" tab, it's nice to have if you accidentally list something at an undesired price and want to take it back off the Auction House quickly.

More - In the More window, there are several more key features:

  • Check For Undercuts. This feature will query the Auction House to run a scan of the current Auction House prices for any items you currently have listed and compare them with the prices your items are listed at. There are three different ways in which an auction can be flagged:
    • Green Check - currently the cheapest listing on the Auction House
      • Will not prompt any cancellations
    • Green Check + Red X - some of your listings are the cheapest while others have been undercut
      • Will prompt cancellations for all Auctions that have been undercut
    • Red X - all auctions of this name have been undercut and are no longer the cheapest available on the market.
      • Will prompt cancellations for all Auctions of this name.

Additionally, there is a feature called "Full Scan" which will scan the entire Auction House and database the prices of all currently listed Auctions. This data can be used in conjunction with other Addons to give you insight as to the current, average, and extreme prices of an item as well as any disenchant information - if applicable.

I hope this write-up has helped to add clarification; and, as always, good luck!

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