Monday, August 1, 2011

Making Gold With Tailoring - Bags

This blog entry is dedicated to Making Gold with Bags via Tailoring.

For starters, to download the Excel Spreadsheet, click here! Once that's downloaded, continue reading below.

The design of the spreadsheet is pretty intuitive. It's a very basic rule - if a cell is colored, don't type in it. The only cells that are designed to be typed in are those that are white. (Feel free to modify the file, but don't forget to save a clean back-up of the file if you do irreparable damage to the file and can't re-configure it.)

Now, onto the lists you need to set up. Set up both of the following lists:

List One: PPU (Stands for Price Per Unit)

  • Dream Shard
  • Embersilk Cloth
  • Frostweave Cloth
  • Greater Cosmic Essence
  • Greater Planar Essence
  • Hypnotic Dust
  • Infinite Dust
  • Linen cloth
  • Mageweave Cloth
  • Netherweave Cloth
  • Primal Mooncloth
  • Shadowcloth
  • Volatile Life
  • Wool Cloth

List Two: MPPU (Market Price Per Unit)
  • Embersilk Bag
  • Frostweave Bag
  • Hyjal Expedition Bag
  • Linen Bag
  • Mageweave Bag
  • Neatherweave Bag
  • Otherworldly Bag
  • Woolen Bag
Once you've set up the lists, it's time to input the data. With the MPPU list selected, click the Search for All Auctions button and let it run. Once it has the data, open up your spreadsheet and enter in the numerical values (ex: 11.78 = 11g78s) until all 8 options are filled.

(Side note: If there are none of a bag, you have 2 options:
  • Enter in the number .01 for that cell. There is no way that the materials cost less than 1 silver and will therefore be voided by final material / cost calculations.
  • Enter in the price you plan to sell them for and be sure to list them at your specified price when it comes time to sell them.)
Once all 8 cells are filled out, move on to the PPU list and click Search for All Auctions.

Once the search has finished, enter in all the data to their respective slots (ex: Dream Shards are 1g50s. Enter 1.5 into the Column under the yellow Price Per Unit Column (B7:B20)) until all cells are filled. 

(Side note: If there are none of an item on the Auction House, I generally just hit a random sequence of numbers (effectively rolling my face against the keypad). This will assume a price which is unrealistic; but, at the same time, will calculate that price and more-or-less void any items that require said item from being created.)

Once all data cells are filled, it's all a matter of interpreting the Graph. I will break this down by color-coating.

Purple: In the purple color-coating, there are two rows:
  • Crafting Expenses Per Item Set - This is the total cost of creating (1 Hyjal Expedition Bag or Otherworldly Bag / 4 Linen, Woolen, Mageweave, Netherweave, Frostweave, or Embersilk Bags (I intentionally set up the spreadsheet to calculate out crafting bags in those amounts. They seem to sell best that way in my experience.)). It simply takes the information you entered via the Price Per Unit column and manipulates it with the amount needed to craft any bag and gives out the totals to create it given those prices.
  • Total Net Profit / Loss Per Item Set - This is the total profit / loss you would hypothetically gain / lose from creating an item with the prices you specify in the Price Per Unit category. Positive gains will be in standard black text while Negative losses will be in red. All losses will not be tallied into the Materials To Be Purchased (explained below) and you will not create bags which are a loss.
Green: In the green color-coating, there are 15 rows:
  • Each row is associated with the item that is specified in the "A" column (A7:20). In the "B" column (B7:20) it lists the prices you entered via Auctionator. For the rest of the cells between D7:J20, those are the amounts of those raw materials that will be needed to craft the item in it's respective column.
    • For example, in Column "E" between cells E7:E20, there is a 24 in the "Linen Cloth" row. This implies that there is a required 24 Linen Cloth in order to make the 4 Linen Bags as titled by the Column in cell E1.
Light-Blue: In the light-blue color-coating, there are also 15 rows:
  • This section is different in that it gives the numbers of materials you actually are going to purchase. After doing the calculations, the numbers you find corresponding with the items under the Materials To Buy Column (B23:B36) are the amount of items you need to craft all the bags which are profitable given the prices you have input. The numbers to the right are simply the by-item breakdown of how many items are needed for what recipe using If/Then statements and are the numbers referenced when figuring how many items are needed to purchase.
In the tan color-coating, there are only 3 rows:
  • Investment - The total amount of Gold you will spend to craft all bags that are profitable
  • Income - The total amount of Gold you will acquire from the Auction House when selling said bags.
  • Net Profit - Income minus Investment; the amount of money you make.
I hope this write-up has helped to add clarification; and, as always, good luck!

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