Saturday, August 20, 2011

1,100+ Gold Per Hour with Herbalism - Whiptail

This blog entry is dedicated to helping you make Gold by farming Herbalism.

In the following image, you will see the route that I ran:

After one hour of Farming, I gathered 23 stacks of Whiptail + a stack of 13, 5 Cinderbloom, and 164 Volatile Life. At a value of 28g56s per stack of Whiptail and 2g88s per Volatile Life, that brings a grand total of 1,147g76s4c over one hour of Farming.

This brings to light the fact that, while profitable, Gathering has a ceiling which will be further highlighted as I finish out the other Cataclysm Herbs. It is much more profitable to try other methods involving Crafting Professions, but the results do feel much more tangible after a solid hour of Farming. 

Ultimately, it's up to you.

As always, I hope this write-up has helped to add clarification; and, as always, good luck!

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