Sunday, August 21, 2011

2,400+ Gold Per Hour with Herbalism - Heartblossom

This blog entry is dedicated to helping you make Gold by Farming Heartblossom.

In the following image, you will see the route that I ran:

At the end of the route, I managed to get 20 stacks of Heartblossom (100g per), 4 stacks of Cinderbloom (21g per), and 135 Volatile Life (3g per) - bringing the grand total to 2,489g in an hour of Farming Heartblossom.

I was on a Tauren (200% Herbalism Speed) and a Druid (No dismounting), but didn't have the Bountiful Bags Perk - all of which can effect how much money you can make by doing this. Be sure to take all of these factors into account when trying to calculate your estimated Gold Per Hour beforehand.

I hope this accompanying write-up has helped to add clarification; and, as always, good luck!

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