Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Making Gold With Alchemy - Flasks

This blog entry is dedicated to Making Gold with Flasks through Alchemy.

For starters, download my Excel Spreadsheet by clicking here!

Now that you've downloaded it, it's time to throw some numbers in. For starters, you'll need to make a Shopping List in Auctionator. In the Shopping List, you'll need the following items:

  • Azshara's Veil
  • Cinderbloom
  • Flask of Flowing Water
  • Flask of Steelskin
  • Flask of the Draconic Mind
  • Flask of the Winds
  • Flask of Titanic Strength
  • Heartblossom
  • Stormvine
  • Twilight Jasmine
  • Volatile Life
  • Whiptail

Once that list is set, go ahead and run a Search for All Items and throw in the values to the respective cells into the Spreadsheet. Once that's done, it's all a matter of evaluating the values, purchasing the specified materials, and crafting the Flasks the spreadsheet shows as profitable.

The thing I love about the Spreadsheet is how easy it is to get a quick snapshot of a very specific sector of the market.

I really recommend selling them either in all stacks of 1 or 6x1 and 2x2. While it may not matter all too much, that's what I've had sell best in my experience. 

I hope this write-up has helped to add clarification; and, as always, good luck!

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