Monday, August 1, 2011

Making Gold With Jewelcrafting - Cutting Gems!

This blog entry is dedicated to Making Gold with Jewelcrafting by cutting gems.

While it may seem obvious to most, there may be a small minority who do not know about the potential profit of the Gem market. Jewelcrafters have the ultimatum of Gold making devices at their disposal.

The process is deceptively simple: buy uncut gems, cut them, and re-list them. And that's it. Generally speaking, for those who are just now getting into the market, get the Bold Inferno Ruby, Delicate Inferno Ruby, and Brilliant Inferno Ruby cuts first. While they may not have as large of a profit margin as the 40 Parry / 40 Expertise, they sell much quicker and allow you to re-invest your profit into getting more Inferno Rubies and cutting even more Gems.

Once you've acquired all the Inferno Ruby cuts, I'd start to try to get some of the more Popular Demonseye / Ember Topaz cuts. I really recommend using Auctionator and typing in either Demonseye or Ember Topaz to see which cuts sell for the most by which are listed as the highest in price.

I hope this write-up has helped to add clarification; and, as always, good luck!

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